A new landmark building in the heart of Glasgow, St Vincent Plaza, is being equipped with an advanced Toshiba air conditioning system to deliver outstanding energy efficiency and comfort for occupants.

Designed to have a BREEAM rating of Excellent, the 10-storey iconic office development will be cooled and heated by a Toshiba 3-pipe SHRM-i VRF air conditioning system, with full heat recovery.

The striking granite and glass-clad building, by developer Abstract Group and main contractor Bowmer & Kirkland, will provide 170,000sq ft of Grade A office accommodation with panoramic views across the city. The state-of-the-art building includes shower rooms, changing facilities and secure internet shopping storage.

The Toshiba air conditioning is being installed by Castle Building Services of Hebburn, Tyne & Wear, as part of a £5m M&E contract. The contractor is installing 21 high efficiency Toshiba SHRM-i VRF systems, plus a twin-ducted system, providing simultaneous heating and cooling.

Excess heat generated in areas of the building subject to high solar gain or internal heat sources will be harnessed for use elsewhere, or used as energy to power cooling via a sophisticated thermodynamic conversion system.


The project required a combination of long refrigerant pipe runs, high SEER and SCOP values, and exceptionally quiet indoor fan coil units. The Toshiba solution selected was able to deliver all these performance criteria in a comprehensive and competitive package.


Some 316 ducted fan coil units are being installed, linked to 41 outdoor condensing modules, with the system connected into the building’s BMS using Toshiba’s recently developed Black Pear interface.

The Modbus-based interface gives the building supervisor access to each fan coil, plus access to overall system timing schedules and temperature and air speed settings, enabling continuous optimisation of energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Castle Building Services used Toshiba’s design and selection software, which takes into account system loading, pipe runs and design temperatures for summer and winter, to determine actual cooling and heating values for each of the building’s indoor units.


Allan Carr of Castle Building Services said: “It’s a great tool and helps in the development and validation of system designs. It shows how conditions can be precisely met with the equipment selected, and provides confirmation that the installed system will deliver as specified.”

The project marks a first for the contractor with Toshiba equipment. Mr Carr says: “We had initially considered going with a different manufacturer.

However, we were introduced to the latest Toshiba range just at the right time, and were very impressed with the quality of the technology and the company’s whole approach.

He added: “They were very responsive and provided excellent technical support. It has enabled us to deliver a high performance, high efficiency solution for the client, and opened some exciting new opportunities on the installation front.”

St Vincent Plaza is due to be completed in Spring 2015.

About Toshiba Air Conditioning

Toshiba Air Conditioning is a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd, company registration No 3723803. Toshiba Air Conditioning provides sustainable solutions integrating energy efficient products for residential and light commercial customers.

CGI shows : St Vincent Plaza, which is being built at 303 St Vincent St by Abstract (Glasgow) Ltd.
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